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Friday Fashion Envy: C-of-H Sculpt Fleetwood Fitted Flare

COH_sculpt_fleetwood1What is it you look most for in a pair of jeans? That they’re fitted in a way to sculpt your body’s best features, right?

That’s where C-of-H SCULPT comes in. Aside from the lycra weaving technique with the amazing power to shape and hold, it contours and lifts the body without stretching out.

The SCULPT comes in a variety of models, from skinny to flare. With the 70’s vibe we’re in this Summer, our preference goes out for the Fleetwood High Rise Flare, since it has the characteristics to both elongate (flare legs) and appear slimmer (high waist).

With its clean, deep indigo Ozon Rinse wash and classic 5-pocket styling, you don’t have much more to add than a pair of platforms, a fitted striped blouse and wear your hair in the Charlie’s Angels mode: long, shiny, and wavy locks!

You’ll be rocking your own ‘That 70’s Show’. Just need to bump in that Ashton Kutcher lookalike now…

Also, had a funny ‘What Happened within an hour when I put on my C-of-H Fleetwood high-rise flare version of the Sculpt jeans’-list. Read our favorites below:

‘A passerby on the street begins to croon “Bell-bottom baby,” which may or may not be an actual song.’

‘Those might be formal jeans,” my editor says appreciatively, “these might be your cocktail-party jeans.’

We soooo wish we could wear jeans to a cocktail party!!

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