A FOUNTAIN of youth

photo 3Is the secret to beauty just a teaspoon away? New brand FOUNTAIN, which has quickly earned cult status since its 2013 launch, was founded on this very belief.

FOUNTAIN’s health and beauty supplements are categorized by molecules, for example, the Beauty molecule, the Phyto-Collagen molecule, the energy molecule, the Hyaloronic molecule and the Super Green molecule. Each has a different effect on your body, from moisturizing and plumping the skin to promoting cell growth.

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Consume one or two teaspoons of the syrup per day (as directed on the bottle), either alone or dissolved in a glass of water, and the formulas will boost your body full of vitamins, pep your energy levels, and start to give you a glow from within.


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Because the formulas are in liquid form, the body can better absorb the vitamins and super ingredients, like Resveratrol (a powerful antioxidant found in red wine and Japanese knotweed that slows the ageing process) or Hyaluronic acid (which keeps skin hydrated and plump).

“There’s no concrete evidence anywhere that topical Resveratrol can penetrate the skin,” says Brandon Truaxe, CEO and founder of Deciem, the company that created Fountain. “All resveratrol studies are based on dietary supplementation.”

I had thought that the formulas would be sickling sweet – since they have a consistency like a cough syrup – but I was pleasantly surprised how mild they taste. The Beauty molecule has a pomegranate flavor, and the Phyto-Collagen molecule tastes of apple, which definitely helps to get them down without gagging (like I do trying to swallow 10 vitamins every morning).

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And at long last, FOUNTAIN has launched in the Netherlands – so all of us Dutchies can finally jump on board the bandwagon to glowing skin! FOUNTAIN’s supplements range from around €28 to €35 per bottle and are available at De Tuinen.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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