Wednesday Wear-Abouts



We wish we could already go outside without a coat, but it’s still too cold and it wouldn’t do right to Sanne’s coat obsession. You can opt for lighter colors and less heavy fabrics now though.

WWA_Sanne_18mrt_3 WWA_Sanne_18mrt_11

Sanne likes to wear oversized pullovers as a short dress as you can see here as well. It works just fine with over the knee or knee high boots and doesn’t feel like wearing a wintery outfit.

We especially like Sanne’s jacket here because of the soft off-white hue and the subtle shaping details.

What Sanne is wearing:
Jacket: H&M Studio
Pullover: Primark
Tights: H&M
Boots: H&M
Watch: Swatch

WWA_Sanne_18mrt_12 WWA_Sanne_18mrt_18

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WWA_Sanne_18mrt_14 WWA_Sanne_18mrt_2

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