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Do you want Jennifer Aniston hair? Try Living Proof!

photo 2At long last, one of America’s most popular and beloved haircare lines has arrived in Holland! Living Proof is known as the brand that fuses science and hair care – they work with both biotech scientists and beauty experts to develop the most innovative products on the market that truly work.

If that’s not cool enough, Jennifer Aniston is a co-owner and face of the brand!


Back in 2004, Living Proof’s scientists began by examining normal hair products, many of which use the same ingredients like silicones and oils that don’t make any real, lasting impact. So they began to develop formulas using patented molecules, many of which have never been used in beauty products before, to change the way that hair behaves and conquer problem hair once and for all. Don’t believe it’s possible? Well, they say, the “proof is in the bottle.”

photo 2


The line is divided in easy-to-decipher collections, divided by the desired solution: anti-frizz, volume and thickness, restore health, curl, straightening and styling. Check out the before and after photos to see the amazing ways they can tame unruly hair.


Living Proof is available at salon Chef de Cabine, which has two locations in Amsterdam and Oestgeest. I met with owner Alexander Meijers to give the products and try and see if they truly make a difference; I figured if Jennifer Aniston endorses the line it will be good – but it truly blew my socks off.

photo 5photo 1


I told Meijers that lack of volume is my biggest problem, and he recommended the Full collection which creates body and texture. My hair was transformed from limp and fine to mega voluminous, without any stiff or chalky feeling.

“Always wash your hair twice,” Meijers advised, while using the Full Shampoo and Conditioner. “The first time, it removes build-up of dirt and product, but the second time it can really penetrate and open your hair, which makes it more receptive to absorbing products.”

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My second problem is dryness, and Meijers told me how I’m going wrong by using hair oils day after day.

“Oils only coat your hair, but they can’t penetrate inside the hair,” he explains. “That’s why Living Proof is so special, because the molecules can actually get inside the hair to make a difference.”

When we were done blow-drying my hair, it was soft and tamed but filled with body and a healthy shine. So I can officially say that I am the living proof!


Get your Living Proof products at Chef de Cabine.

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Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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