Tasty Tuesday: N’Oats porridge

Noats_1I never, ever thought I’d be into eating oats someday. But then the inevitable happened. I caught a tiny hint of the superfood virus. Yes, you read it correctly. A’tiny’ hint.

If you follow our Thursday Treats you’ll now I am an absolute foodie, and not continuously preoccupied with the fact if everything I eat is organic and healthy. My mom always taught me to vary with food, and most importantly enjoy what I am eating. Considering this, I alternate my Nutella sandwiches with a bowl of oats porridge  and fresh fruit in the morning.

Usually my oats are from the basic kind, but curious as I am, when I heard of the introduction of N’Oats I had to try them. N’Oats organic oats have been developed with German model and entrepreneur Nila Halter and are available at Mymuesli in three flavours (there are more available in Germany): natural, vanilla-poppy seed, and raspberry-coconut-cherry.


Since I’d rather add my own fresh fruit to the porridge I chose the vanilla-poppy seed flavour. The oats have been grinded more finely which results in a smoother porridge. The vanilla taste is really subtle, maybe it can be enhanced using the sweetened almond milk (I’ve used unsweetened) or if I prepare them as overnight oats. My next mission is to use N’Oats in a different recipe than porridge. Maybe in cookies or a cake…will keep u posted on that.

N’Oats come in an attractive matte black 400 g cillinder packaging to fit nicely in any design kitchen. Order them at Mymuesli. You could also opt for a trial pack containing two cillinders of each flavour.

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