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StreetfoodYou always find the best spots when you least expect them, or even maybe, when you’re not focused on looking for them. In Catania you sort of let go of the idea of finding ‘hipster’ places, and right at that moment is when we’ve stumbled upon Streetfood.

They have graffiti murals and blow-ups of hip hoppers in the place! Can you imagine? But that’s just a reference to the name and to give the eatery a street smart attitude.

As most places in Catania it all evolves around the food they serve. In this case it’s all fresh and straight from the market. This means the menu changes daily and you can choose fish or meat with seasonal veggies on the side.

Streetfood4 Streetfood2

Streetfood also offers cooking workshops, and they have an open setting so you can see what the cook is preparing in front of you.

Streetfood5 Streetfood6

Find out more about Streetfood and watch the video here.

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