Toets "Enter" om naar de inhoud te gaan took us to…Marseille!

Marseille16How do you get prepared for a trip with destination unknown? We did not know where was taking us until we arrived at the airport. The only ‘hints’ were the weather forecast and the during of the stay.

I was more excited than stressed. My week prior to the trip was so extremely busy that I’ve only managed to pack my suitcase at the very last minute. I usually freak out a little since I always tend to forget something, but by now I am a frequent traveler and well trained myself to pack accurately for short trips.

On Friday we gathered at the pop-up shop where we would meet our co-travelers and reveal our destination simultaneously. It was such a nice surprise that former Digi Marieke was part of our company! The group was completed with Mariëlle from and Cynthia from Miss Lipgloss. This was for sure going to be a ‘girl trip’.
The biggest surprise for me however was the destination: Marseille! My mama’s hometown and a city I know but which I hadn’t visited since 8 years.

Marseille_soap1 Marseille8

It was quite helpful that I (sort of) knew my way around: where to shop, what to see, but since I used to just visit family there, I had no clue where to eat/go out. Now I had the chance to discover something new. Marseille is a harbour city and offers quite the contrast with its typical landmarks such as the Vieux Port and the Notre Dame and the raw edges reflected in the street art and graffiti , for example on the steps of the Cours Julien. The city is multicultural, vibrant, but also laid back and charming.

Our hotel was perfectly located near the train station, which is a good location for people who are new to a city and don’t know directions; train stations are usually near the city centre and offer the possibility to get around with public transport as most buses and subways have their start/ stop there.

Marseille9 Marseille10 Marseille25

Since we couldn’t prepare for our destination, and we were not depending on a full activity program either, we decided to take on the tranquilo vibe; wander around, ask locals and just see where we’d end up. Of course, an extra day would have been great, but we have enjoyed the weather (the day we left was rainy), the food and the wine. Though we totally forgotten about the Pastis and the bouillabaisse, it also leaves us wanting to come back to Marseille again!

Marseille26 Marseille33 Marseille34

Has gotten you curious and you feel like taking a blind break with them as well? We sure recommend it! Find more information here.

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