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Skip the pre-travel fuss with

srprs_me_1The anticipation of going on holiday is a great thing, but there’s always a preparation prior to that which can be quite a fuss. Where to go? What are the cheapest tickets? Which hotel? Thanks to you don’t have to worry about these questions.

You should not be too much of a control freak though, because you’re giving the pre-holiday decision making out of hands. You simply have to choose a theme -citytrip, adventure, city worldwide, broke, or sunsation- according to your budget and personal wishes, and just sit back and relax. The Amsterdam based travel agency will handle the rest for you.


A week before your holiday you’ll receive a card with a scratch code with a specific link, and a link to your personal page by e-mail. On that specific page you’ll also find the weather forecast at your destination so you’ll have an idea what to pack. On the day of departure, upon arrival at the airport, you scratch the code, insert it in the specific link displayed on the card, and your destination will be revealed! SURPRISE!!

How much fun is that?! We are very excited that we’ll be experiencing the concept ourselves coming weekend. Does the ‘unknown’ make us nervous yet? Not really! We can speculate as much as we want since we have tried to be a bit directional on destinations we don’t want to visit, but it’s useless. It is actually liberating not to have to worry about details except for what we’re going to throw in our suitcase!

Are you curious yet? Check the website to learn more about the concept and stay tuned for our report of the trip! Let’s embrace adventure!

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