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#malemadnessmonday: Puppylove

Puppylove1So we had the Hot Dudes Reading and Men and Coffee instagram accounts which are very trending right now, but one that shall not be forgotten (because it’s absolutely inevitable) is: Hot Dudes With Dogs.

There’s nothing else that can melt our heart or get our ovaries shaking as much as the sight of a hot guy rubbing the cutest puppy’s belly…


The only reason we’re obsessing over Nick Bateman (yes, we almost considered moving to Canada) is because of his ‘too cute to die for’ cuddly canine Joey. But really.

It’s even unnecessary to display proof of it. The best thing you could do is hop on over to that Instagram feed as of RIGHT NOW. Distraction guaranteed. Don’t let your boss notice!

Puppylove2 Puppylove3

Oh, and if you really can’t get enough, check out this tumblr. A lot of Ryan Gosling with dog here.

Puppylove4 Puppylove5


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