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#malemadnessmonday: Men and Coffee

menandcoffee1Merging two of our favorite things: handsome men and a cup of steaming hot coffee. Meet the latest hit on instagram after ‘Hot dudes reading books’, simply named Men and Coffee.

Owner/founder Alex Tooby of Men and Coffee is a girl to our hearts as she actually started the Instagram feed on a whim. A webshop selling custom Tees and coffee mugs was recently added, and for the men not to feel deprived of some coffee sipping eye candy, they can now enjoy Women and Coffee.


We’ll stick to the men if you don’t mind ;) If you spot one ‘not to miss’ specimen in your local coffee shop, feel free to use the #menandcoffee hashtag. Alex will be grateful. And so will we.

menandcoffee2 menandcoffee3 menandcoffee5

Check more pics on the @menandcoffee Instagram account.



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