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Eastpak_featureAs an extra celebratory addition to today’s International Women’s Day, we’re going to tell you all about the inspiring power women we’ve encountered at this year’s Eastpak press tour (March 5).

This year’s go-to-hotspot city was our legislative capital – The Hague. The image most of us have in our heads when thinking about The Hague is ‘something politics, something law, something historic.. Oh, beach!’. Eastpak did their best to bring us a new perspective and – as they did last year in Rotterdam – they succeeded. Born and bred, charming The Hague native Melvin Tas showed twenty-five inspiring media women around to the finest and most intruiging hubs the city has to offer.

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This year’s #SheWears collection, again, was a tribute to powerful, daring women. Inspired by the target audience Eastpak aims for, BackToBack PR curated an inspiring tour with ditto local entrepreneurs. Our old associations definitely still are present, but we we’re shown the free-spirited, forward and humanitarian sides of our political capital as well. For example, think of initiatives such as ‘De Achterban’, which is an initiative hosted and run by homeless women. As a goal, they gathered as many products (clothing, make-up, shower essentials etc.) as possible so they could pamper The Hague’s homeless women today, on International Women’s Day. With a personal speech and explanation to the concept, homeless Linda totally dragged us along in her enthusiasm. So hereby, we’d like to suggest in the strongest possible terms: you can always donate any leftover items at their hub at Paviljoensgracht, Den Haag.


Afterwards, amongst others, Paard van Troje’s leading lady told us an inspiring story about chasing the one thing you’re passionate about. On top of that, she treated us to a private concert by Sven Hammond Soul.


Have you ever experienced the feeling of building something from the ground up? That’s what Humanity House director Lisette Mattaar told us about. At the Humanity House, you can step into the life of a refugee. The gloomy vibe plus stimulation of any and all of your senses from the outset and throughout is something you’ll never forget. “What we aim to do, is bring these far-away events slightly closer, just for a few”, she said. What’s more, is that this actually was a very fitting quote to the situation. At the time of doing our The Hague tour, Eastpak coordinated multiple tours simultaneously, in cities like Liege, Copenhagen, Milan and Berlin; connecting the tours via Instagram and Make sure to check out the international feed on the aforementioned link to find your newest city trip inspiration, and of course: the new #SheWears collection!

The Digitalistas cordially thank BackToBack PR for the invitation and all participants for the inspiration.

A list of hotspots and initiatives worth your visit while in The Hague:

Aloha surf shop: Strandweg (Scheveningen) –

De Achterban: Paviljoensgracht –

FAST surfdorp: – Strandweg (Scheveningen) –

Humanity House: Prinsegracht –

Van Kleef Distillery: Lange Beestenmarkt –

Paard van Troje: Prinsegracht –

Text: Manoe Dentener



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