Sexy Valentine Food (& Drinks)

Sexy_food_valentine_breakie1Who would have thought that our food obsession even continues on Valentine’s day…The way to this girl’s heart is through the stomach.

We’re not such fans of this overall commercial intended day. So we always try to find an angle that suits us more. And yes, this often happens to be food. Or drinks. Or the combination.

So we paid some extra attention to some edible (and drinkable) items we’ve stumbled upon during our where-abouts. Okay, we have to admit we found most of these in Paris, the city of l.o.v.e. The French really do right to their sense of romanticism.
And we can assure you, if you can get your hands on these to share with your lover, success guaranteed.

1. Je T’aime Jam
It contains strawberries and champagne. French toast please!


2. Sexy wine
We found this wine in a fashion store in Maastricht. No kidding. It’s from Portugal and is even an awarded wine. Available in red, rosé, white and bubbly.


3. Pomme d’Amour syrup
For those who don’t do or like alcohol. Juices have to flow. Apple juice, of course. As a reminder of Adam and Eve’s forbidden fruit.


4. Sexy tea (yes, really)
From Mariage Frères tea blenders. There’s also the word ‘marriage’ in their brand name. What a coincidence. This tea sounds promising…


5. Amour chocolate & nougatine trio
Girls. Chocolate. Nough said.

6. Sweet LOVE tea
After a passionate night…we’ll drink some ‘Sweet LOVE tea’ for breakfast with you the day after.


7. Piper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage
With a name like that, this is some bad-ass champagne…Full-bodied with fruity notes of black cherry, blackberry, pink grapefruit and blood orange. ‘Wild Pink’ you’ve said? Roarrrr! This might cause some Fifty Shades worthy somethin’ somethin’…


8. Love cookies
Because the box is heart shaped and has this cute embossed figure of innocent puppy love. And that’s so sweet!


Happy Valentine y’all!

Images of the syrup, chocolate and cookies © La Grande Epicerie/Instagram
All other images © The Digitalistas
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