#malemadnessmonday: Fifty accents of grey

#malemadnessmonday_50shadesWhat happens when you let the main character of the 50 shades movie read lines from the book aloud in different foreign accents? This hilarious video.

A few days before the release of the ‘should we, or shouldn’t we see’-movie, Jamie Dornan was a guest on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight show, and of course, was subjected to a little challenge. Both Jamie as Jimmy took turns in reading the fragments, and it’s up to you to judge who delivered best. It could have go on a little longer in our opinion. Some of the accents were a bit alike. Bad job from the generator…

On a side note: don’t you think Jamie looks much sexier with beard??

Fifty Shades of Grey releases in theaters across the country on February 14. Will you go see it?

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