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Inspiration by Sanne: Pastel art

fbea858423cd3dbecf381f2422112a26I know it has been a while since I’ve posted an inspiration item. Mainly because I was temporarily out of inspiration and keeping my mind occupied with other stuff. But now I’m back and will be getting you some inspiration at least every other week!

Right now, I’m working on another home project for a friend of mine, who loves pastels. When we were discussing what the style for her new home would be called, we came to ‘scandinavian pastel.’ Immediately I thought of an artist I started following on Instagram a while back, named Alex Proba. He is an illustrator and graphic designer that lives in New York and he makes the greatest, very simple but strong, collages, like these images below.


Being so inspired by these collages, I started to look for more of this minimalistic pastel art and of course, Pinterest is the ideal place for that. While I was searching for pastel art, I also found a great photographer named Matt Crump. Most of the square photographs you see in this post are his.

I think together Alex and Matt make the perfect combination of inspiration for my friend’s house and so I really wanted to share some work of these two great artists with you! I hope it will make you feel as happy and excited as it makes me!

For more of this pastel art inspiration, follow my board on Pinterest.






malissa_ryder_rose_blue_form-2_1024x1024alex-proba-posters-2-600x849   DSC_14543



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