Thursday Treat: Vørding’s Gin

Vørding_gin1A noble intention it was, of course, trying to taper off the booze abuse. I mean, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? This NYE I decided on having some more realistic 2K15 intentions: let’s just do quality over quantity.

Let’s choose that designer chair over those five new pairs of shoes. Out-the-door weekend brunches over cafeteria food at work. Let’s choose fancy drinks over indulging in bar wine. And there it was: the requisite resolution for stirring up that cultivated cocktail.

Vørding’s Gin is our favourite Amsterdam-based new kid on the block. A very sophisticated kid, we must say. Combining tones of toasted cedar wood, cinnamon and orange peel to its main ingredient: juniper berries. Based on the owner’s passion for perfection and design, the finest of hand-selected (and chopped!) botanicals are used and poured into a coordinating designer bottle.


Vørding’s cedar wood infused dry gin is available at – amongst others – de Foodhallen, RAZMATAZ, Hugo’s, The Walter Woodbury Bar, Vesper Bar, Door 74, as well as several high-end out-of-town hotspots.

Got the gut feeling you’ll become a large user? We won’t tell. Find your bottles at Sterk (Amsterdam), Le Cellier (Amsterdam) or Barrelproof (Rotterdam)

Vørding's Gin image3_HR

P.S. Recipes for more sophisticated goodness on

Text: Manoe Dentener

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