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Storie di Stile | Exploring Catania | Blanc à Manger

BlancMangerOh hi there! Can someone beam me back please?? This sweet tooth heaven is where I’ve had THE most delicious pistachio cheesecake. EVER.

That cake shop slash tearoom slash ice cream parlor slash brasserie ‘Blanc à Manger’ is settled in my favorite street in Catania -the Via Sta Filomena- sure doesn’t come as a surprise. This place has the best of both worlds for couples that always quarrel about her wanting to eat some sweets and him craving for a bad ass burger. Which he can actually build himself (makes him feel useful).



When you’re standing in the cake shop/ tea room, you don’t imagine what happens in the back. If you take the entrance next door you’ll find out it’s always a good idea to cross that treshold and see what lies beneath. Sounds mysterious and all, but aside from a kitchen where they organize pastry workshops you’ll find the venue has transformed in a restaurant, with again some cakes on display here and there (some of us need dessert after a burger or brunch), where you can devour all that amazing food.





Well, nuff said. Guess you’ll just have to hop on a plane to Sicily with your sweetheart and check out this lovely hidden gem for yourself. It’s open 24 hours a day anyways ;)

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