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The Fashion Eye: The Future of Fashion is NOW

expo1The Future of Fashion is Now exhibition at the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum showed work by more than fifty international designers. Designers like Viktor & Rolf, Hussein Chalayan and Pauline van Dongen were included. If you haven’t had the chance to visit (the exhibit closes January 18), read on:

The latest generation of fashion designers show a critical view of the current fashion system. They are coming up with innovative solutions and fresh designs at the cutting edge of fashion and art.
Sustainability, futuristic technologies and the social value of clothes are themes with which these designers address the fashion of the future.

My favourite work at the exhibition was the Ferro Fluid Dress by Iris van Herpen. I couldn’t stop looking at it.

irisvanherpen expo3

Iris van Herpen creates futuristic collections with a combination of delicate handwork, digital technologies and innovative materials. She uses 3D printed and interactive clothing to explore the possibilities that new technologies offer in terms of form and movement. For this exhibition she has created an installation in which a 3D printed dress gradually forms with the help of a magnetic liquid called ferrofluid, that drips onto the waistline of the dress.

The waist of the 3D-printed dress has a structure of open lines into which the ferrofluid drips from above. Magnets ensure that the ferrofluid doesn’t drip into the bath, but remains on the waistline. This creates an effect that the dress constantly and subtly rotates and seems to grow when the drops fall on it.

It’s amazing how she came up with something like this. I enjoyed the exhibition so much, all of the designers had their own beautiful, innovative, creative story behind their work.

jennifergadient longsleeve expo2

You can find some videos of the designers that were part of the exhibition on

Text & Images: Annelieke van der Heijden

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