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Best Budget Buy: MANGO Alpaca jumper

BBB_Mango_alpaca_3One of my faves from the MANGO fall/winter collection is an alpaca jumper. Do you know what an alpaca is? Someone once funnily referred to it as ‘a sort of lama that doesn’t spit’. Well, that sort of sums it up.

If cashmere is off budget, you could opt for alpaca. It is a natural, strong and warm wool fiber with a soft finish and usually less expensive than cashmere.

At MANGO they have a whole range of colors from a basic alpaca-blend jumper, and for the nice price it is offered on sale today, I would take at least several colors to add to my basic wardrobe!

You can choose from: grey, black, off white, soft pink, soft beige, baby blue, cherry red, tan and navy. The styling is as basic as can be; straight with a crew neck, long sleeves and a ribbed hem. If you’d rather wear your jumper loosely, consider ordering it in a larger size than your own.



There are as many different ways to wear this jumper, as there are colors available. It will perfectly blend in any outfit you imagine.

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