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Urban Goddess Yoga Wear

UrbanGoddess_1We’re convinced that even some of the most avid yoga practicers among us wouldn’t mind looking cool on the yoga mat as well. Comes in Urban Goddess. An ethical yoga label with an edge.

The label was founded by Marlene Smits, who we had the pleasure to meet in person during a cosy afternoon tea at Delight Yoga. A yoga teacher herself, she is very passionate about it, but felt her yoga lifestyle needed a fashionable extension. With her design education and a background in media (we coincidently shared the same media employer at different times), she understands the needs of us urbanites in search of balance in our lives, but reluctant to make style concessions. And the name says it all: ‘We are the rock chick of yoga wear, for all Urban Goddesses like you out there.’

There’s not a lot of competition in yoga wear, and most of the existing labels are either not very appealing for the fashionistas (with the exception of Stella McCartney’s line for Adidas) or a bit overpriced. Urban Goddess aims to create small collections of affordable, qualitative, comfortable and attractive tops and bottoms, which enable us to stylishly perform any yoga position.


We had a sneak peek of the new collection and it is promising: tops with incorporated bras, soft tank tops made as such that they stay put when you’re standing in an upward position, subtle prints and nice faded washes.

Prices start at €44,95 for bottoms and €32,95 for tank tops. Find the full collection on and the list of resellers -including renown yoga studios- here.

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