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Glamour WOTY Awards

doutzen-kroes-66-43175Last night, the prestigious Amstel Hotel was fully crowded with a mix & match of Dutch fashion-minded people, it-girls, presenters, entrepreneurs, actors & journalists. On the occasion of the first annual Glamour NL Woman of the Year Award, a not-so-modest Monday gathering erupted – in what probably is Amsterdam’s most beautiful & luxurious hotel.

Following an international example set by and Glamour UK, us Dutchies were all up and excited to find who was going to win the first ever Dutch Woman of the Year Award. Inside a beautiful ballroom, the stage was prepared for five women to receive their #generationglamour awards and of course; for the coveted Woman of the Year Award to be handed to its rightful winner. For the #generationglamour awards, two-hundred women were nominated withtin five categories: better world, business, creative, fashion and food & health. Prior to the award show, Glamour’s editor-in-chief Sanne Groot Koerkamp briefly explained: “tonight’s winner is all about international allure, ambition and lust for life. She’s empowering, socially conscious and above all: she’s not afraid to spread her wings and fly away, chasing her dreams.”

We can’t say we were surprised to find that Doutzen Kroes had become the winner of the prestigious title of Woman of the Year. The gracious (and oh my, drop-dead gorgeous) supermodel gladly climbed the stage to accept the award.

Beautiful detail: she could personally hand over the award and congratulate her sister Rens Kroes on winning the #generationglamour award (food & health). Both sisters glanced proudly towards one another, and gracefully thanked their mom for always being there, and – well – just for everything.


As for a short overview of our personal party highlights: Glamour’s signature dishes were served, Moët & Chandon and Belvedere took care of our drinks and we found the Belgian band (our favourite, may we add!) Oscar and the Wolf performing. Was it fun? Most definitely. Was it a good call for the newest of Dutch annual traditions? No doubt about it.

Thank you Glamour NL, for making our Monday evening as glamorous as it could have ever been.

The Digitalistas gladly congratulates Doutzen Kroes, Rens Kroes, Willa Stoutenbeek, Sanne Vogel, Maartje Verhoef and Cynthia Schultz on their Glamour WOTY awards.



Text: Manoe Dentener

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