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Top 3 Calendar Girls: Pirelli 2015

Pirelli2015_GigiHighly anticipated -by men mostly- as it features the most beautiful women on the planet, captured by a  world renowned photographer. Steven Meisel had the honors. 

The 2015 theme is a tad kinky. Latex much?! Not sure if Steven had just read 50 shades of grey, or recently closed a deal with a latex manufacturer, but the use of the material could have been toned down a little.

Anyway, the pretty faces compensate the rather predictable theme. Among the familiar faces, we’ve spotted a few new ones, such as Gigi Hadid. She is actually half Dutch, so we take a little pride in that. Plus, that she actually looks like a sexy superhero on her picture, opposed to the other calendar girls.

Gigi (Miss November) made it to our Top 3 favorites of Pirelli 2015. Together with Adriana Lima (Miss January) and Anna Ewers (Miss June). See the full gallery including some backstage images here.


Pirelli2015_AnnaFurthermore there is not much to say about the Pirelli 2015 calendar, except that it features a plus size model for the first time, and that the set of images -loads of butts and boobies- will probably appeal to the target group it is aimed for: men. Enjoy guys! ;)

Photography © Steven Meisel/Pirelli 2015
Styling: Carine Roitfeld
Makeup: Pat McGrath


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