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10670175_703492163063747_4246091500130017768_nThere’s nothing like wintery weather to make you feel like curling up and relaxing – or even better, getting a massage! Last week I paid a visit to one of Amsterdam’s newest massage studios, Massage Boutique. Since then, I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!

Massage Boutique was founded by two Dutch massage therapists, Jade and Marie-Jose, who are both experts in their field. They share their studio – a cozy room in the basement of the Salon B on Gravenstraat. (Actually, I discovered Massage Boutique while I was having my hair done at Salon B and thought it was a perfect concept: first, a relaxing massage followed by a blow-out or haircut.)



I had an hour-long massage with Jade, who trained in Bali and previously worked at Doctor Feelgood and The Conservatorium Hotel. Given her background, I had a feeling she would be great – and I was right! The massage was pure bliss and she’s a miracle worker with her hands.

Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t do anything to help my back and neck tension, but Jade took her time to really work out the kinks and tension. Afterwards, I felt supremely relaxed, pampered and soothed, thanks to increased blood flow.



The Massage Boutique has a great menu of treatments available (click here to see the list), but Jade will customize your massage to suit your needs. If you have a specific problem area or tension, she’ll alter the massage to target the areas where you need attention.


Instead of traditional massage oil, Jade and Marie-Jose use a homemade organic shea butter cream which is divine. Choose between two shea formulas: rosemary and eycalyptus or jasmine and orange (both are delicious!) The cream left my skin feeling moisturized and soft, but without an oily residue, so I didn’t need to go straight home and shower.


Do yourself a favour and book a massage today – your body will thank you. Massage Boutique currently has a special offer: 60 minute massage for €50 – truly a bargain for such a great quality treatment.


Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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