Best Budget Buy: MANGO sweatshirt

BBB_Mango_sweatshirt_beautiful1If the Isabel Marant ‘Revolution’ sweatshirt is off-budget for you, this one from MANGO could be a nice alternative, using the same typography on mid grey cotton fabric.

Sweatshirts are the key item of the season and you can’t have enough of them. The casual garment pairs well with contrasting materials to spice things up a bit. We like it with a daring leopard print, leather or sequins instead of our familiar denims.

This specimen from MANGO features the text ‘Beautiful’ in washed red. The hem and cuffs are ribbed. Depending if you prefer a slouchy fit, you can opt for a size above your own.

It’s the best lookalike of our beloved Isabel Marant sweatshirt so far and it can be yours under €50!


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