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A date with D.A.T.E.

DATE_dinner1It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper date with the premium Italian sneaker brand D.A.T.E., but we were reunited last Friday evening at Pistache for a lovely dinner and a sneak peek of the new collection.

The brand once founded by 4 friends has grown into a cool and funky premium sneaker brand with worldwide following. D.A.T.E. offers sneakers suitable for different styles; wether you’re more rock ’n roll, or the urban kind, you’ll find something for your taste. And, the BIG plus: the shoes are extremely comfortable.

Hence the comfort food we got served: delicious antipasti, creamy burratta, an array of tasty pizza’s, including the nutella/pistachio pizza for dessert…yummm!

DATE_dinner_menu DATE_dinner_antipasti DATE_dinner_burratta DATE_dinner_pizzas DATE_dinner_dessert

D.A.T.E.’s campaign for Fall/Winter ’14 features some of the creatives  who are also active for the D.A.T.E.*HUB – the brand’s webazine. The result is a visual treat where the shoes blend in with the eclectic look of their wearers. Take a look:

Which are your favorites? I wear the Stardust Hill High Black with a fun leopard trim on the back. Shop your D.A.T.E. sneakers here.

DATE_dinner4 DATE_dinner3 DATE_dinner2

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