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The final cut: CHANEL Nº5 The One That I Want

PA2014_01_0015Now the complete CHANEL N°5 commercial has been released. We invite you to watch the final cut of the love story by Director Baz Luhrmann.

Ten years ago, N°5 was the fragrance of a woman who decided to break free from it all and then return to reality, renouncing her desire. Today, through Luhrmann’s eyes, we see the N°5 woman deciding to listen to her heart. She is a modern woman who knows exactly who she is and is free to make her own choices. The film tells the story of a woman who struggles to find space for everything – herself, family, career, and love:

It needs a little adjustment to hear the oh so famous song from Grease in such a different version, though the lyrics really seem to work to back-up this CHANEL N°5 romance.


What do you think of the end result?

You can also watch the Making Of below:

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