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Friday Fashion Envy: Jimmy Choo wedge boots

FFE_JimmyChoo_boots_1Yeah, yeah. We could throw back on ‘these boots are made for walking’ but honestly, they are! Look at these Jimmy Choo beauties. we can’t get them off our mind since we’ve spotted them…

Glossy black leather, the perfect shape and an edgy kind of wedgy. It’s a bit of an in between heel; not quite a wedge, and not  a regular heel either. That’s what makes them stand out.

The soft calf leather and sleek silhouette make them suitable for any day-to-night outfit. We’d like to see them with a pop of color and rigid materials for a 60’s mod twist, or sport them with sleek black silk and velvet for a hint of Saint Laurent.


Ok, they’re slightly off budget for us (no seriously, WAY off budget), and that landed them in this Friday Fashion Envy, so take your chance on these wedge boots and make us envious forever…

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