Summer Signature Dish by Supperclub’s chef Erik Groenendaal

SupperclubWatermarkedThe best summer isn’t all about good weather… it involves good food! Instead of running to the nearest restaurant: try making a super summer dish from one of the top chefs in Amsterdam.  Every month one chef will give you a sneak-peak into his kitchen by sharing one of his recipes. Bon appetite!

Erik Groenendaal is the chef at Supperclub Amsterdam. You don’t just go to the Supperclub for a quick bite, you go to the Supperclub for a special night out. Creativity is a key word for Erik Groenendaal’s cooking style. With his recipe you treat your guests to a night out at your own home. Amaze them with this delicious summer dessert: red fruit soup.

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Red fruit soup

(for 4 people)



For the soup:

–       120 ml cranberry juice

–       50 gr frozen berries

–       50 gr pureed frozen strawberries

–       50 ml Fraise des Bois (liquor)

–       50 ml Crème de Cassis (liquor

–       30 ml ginger syrup

–       75 gr sugar

–       50 ml Rose’s Lime Juice (Cordial)

–       75 ml apple juice

–       75 ml orange juice

–       1 star anise

–       1 cinnamon stick

–       1 vanilla stick, without marrow

–       1 piece of lemon grass, finely chopped

–       25 gr fresh laos (Thai ginger), chopped

–       3 kaffir lime leaves


For the garnish:

–       20 strawberries

–       20 raspberries

–       20 blueberries

–       20 blackberries

–       4 springs of currants

–       4 mint leaves, julienned


How to… in 4 steps:

  1. Heat all the ingredients for the soup in a large saucepan until the mixture boils. Leave it on low heat for 1 hour.
  2. Strain the soup with a fine sieve. Let it cool down to room temperature and place it in the refrigerator afterwards.
  3. Wash the fruit for the garnish. If necessary, cut the strawberries in half.
  4. Serve the soup when it’s cold, in a bowl or a deep plate. Garnish it with the fruit and mint.

Extra suggestion: add a scoop of lime sorbet!


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