My favorite ‘on-the-go’ haircare mini’s



As a frequent traveler, I am very keen on having my key products in mini versions. The Morroccanoil travel kit is not only convenient, the wash bag that comes with is stylish too.

But the most important is the content: an extra volume shampoo, extra volume conditioner (I have fine hair), a weightless hydrating mask, and a hydrating styling cream.Morroccanoil_mini_1

I took my haircare mini’s with me wherever I went during summer, and oh boy was I happy to have taken them along. You never know what amenities you get at hotels, at least I knew my hair wouldn’t look like a disaster. And it smells good too.

Now I know why beauty editor Lydia says these products are God’s gift to unruly hair. I was already an avid user of the light oil to nourish my locks, but I am hooked to the other products as well.

Find Morroccanoil at selected salons.


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