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Flawless_Face_Sarah_resultAlthough we review all kinds of makeup, we don’t want to look like we obviously wear any. We know that many of you feel the same way, but don’t really know how and what to apply to create the ‘flawless face’ effect.

Makeup artist Amanda Rijff collaborated with us for a ‘flawless face’ tutorial, using Laura Mercier makeup, because this brand is not just to enhance one’s features, all products contain skin nutritive ingredients which is why we name it ‘caring makeup’.

It doesn’t take more than 4 steps to create a flawless face; the ideal canvas before applying color. We’ll take you through them with photos of our model Sarah.


1. The first thing is to prepare the skin, so Amanda used the Mega Moisturizer for face and eyes. To make sure to have a smooth and even skin surface, apply a primer. On Sarah she used a Regular Primer.

2. Step two is the foundation. For some this can be a BB cream/Tinted Moisturizer, for others a foundation. Because Sarah is still young, Amanda used the Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer. It has a lightweight, non-drying formula, and visibly minimizes the appearance of pores.

3. To perfect the skin to the next level, it’s the concealer’s turn to work magic. The High Coverage Concealer was applied lightly as Sarah doesn’t need much concealing yet, but just to cover dark circles and some blemishes.
An other concealing ‘trick’ Amanda uses is the Eyebasics product before applying eyeshadow because it enhances the durability of eye makeup.

4. Once you’ve applied your makeup you need it to be longlasting, especially when it has to look as if you are barely wearing any! To avoid caking or discoloration of makeup, Amanda applied the Loose Invisible Setting Powder on Sarah.

The Finishing Touch:
After following the above 4 steps, your face is the canvas to continue your day- or evening makeup. Sarah’s easy day makeup starts with the eyes: a tightline eyeliner -a technique with a Flat Eyeliner Brush, applied underneath the root of the upper lash line-, and a blend of three eyeshadows; Cafe au Lait, Fresco and Cashmere, black mascara on the lashes. The eyebrows are groomed with an Eyebrow gel and an Eyebrow pencil.
A hint of Peach Mosaic highlighter on the cheeks, and the Opal lip glaze and Sarah looks all fresh and effortlessly flawless to start the day.

All images © The Digitalistas
Makeup: Amanda Rijff | www.makeuponyourmind.com
All products are available at Skins Cosmetics

Watch the short video we’ve made on our Instagram.

Model Sarah before her ‘Flawless Face’. Step 1: Primer
Step 2: Foundation
Step 3: Conceal blemishes
Step 3: Conceal dark circles
Step 3: Conceal/Apply eyebasics
Apply tightline eye liner
Result tightline eye liner
Groom the eyebrows
Shape the eyebrow curve
Eye makeup is applied, including black mascara on the lashes
Three different colors of eyeshadow
Loose setting powder to finish
Laura Mercier product counter @ Skins Cosmetics
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