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Trend Tag: Valtifest Special ‘The 7 sins’

Valtifest_7sinsThis year’s dresscode for Valtifest is the ‘7 sins’, providing us with an array of possibilities to dress up. But doesn’t having a lot of choices make it more difficult to choose? We’ll help you out with some inspiration.


1.Greed/Avarice: You could cover yourself in dollar bills or make it a tad more fashionable. Translating ‘greed’ into an outfit means: bling, over the top, overkill. It just has to be in everyone’s face, so a lot of gold, a fur coat, embellished sunglasses…Don’t forget your mantra: ‘MINE, MINE, MINE!’

T-shirt: River Island
Fake fur coat: River Island
Embellished sunnies: My Theresa
Gold lock necklace: Moschino via Luisviaroma

Wrath2.Wrath: Revenge is such a nasty sin. It’s agressive and often the result of an other sin: jealousy.It’s not that difficult to add a hint of violence to your outfit. Just think black leather, studs, spikes, a dog showing his teeth…we would even suggest walking around with a whip.

Horn shark earring: Givenchy via netaporter
Cut out leather sandals with studs: Alaïa via netaporter
Sweater with catfight print: Markus Lupfer via netaporter
Clutch with dogprint: Givenchy via Saks Fifth Avenue
Studded leather bracelet: Givenchy via Luisaviaroma


lust3.Lust: Sexiness overload! There’s not much left to one’s imagination. Unleash your inner eh…slut. Sheer, lace, nude, and the forbidden apple.

Sheer lace dress:
Sensual ring from Lydia Courteille: via Luisaviaroma
Nipple tassels: Bluebella via Asos

Gluttony4.Gluttony: Who wouldn’t be subjected to gluttony when seeing these mouthwatering accessories? Luckily they’re not edible, because otherwise….

Icecream iPhone cover: Moschino via netaporter
Sweater with donut print: Breaking Rocks
Hamburger clutch: New Look
Hotdog necklace: Tatty Devine via Asos

Sloth5.Sloth: Why bother. Dressing up is so demanding. Just crawl out of bed and come party with us. Or just take a nap amongst your sinner sisters.

Easy drawstring lounge trousers: Current Elliott via My Theresa
Silk pyjama shirt: Equipment via netaporter
Margiela duvet coat
7 days a week briefs: Asos
Warm and comfy shepherd slippers: Zalando


Envy6.Envy/JealousyEnvy: We all have been subjected to it once (ore more frequently) in our lives. It just sneaks in like a slithering snake and takes over every common sense. Also often referred to as the ‘green monster’ we were thinking about an outfit with green and snake print details.

Cape effect green gown: Givenchy via netaporter
Python and leather shoulder bag: Chloé via netaporter
Snake earrings: Marc by Marc Jacobs via netaporter
‘Bag Bugs’ bag charm: Fendi via 


Vanity7.Pride/Vanity: Magic mirror in my hand, who’s the fairest in the land? No inhibitions, you are one hot mama. And you want everyone to know. Everything in your look is about your reflection. This is your very own selfie-party.

Leather & Mirror clutch: Diesel Black Gold  via Luisaviaroma
Silver bodycon dress: Hervé Légér via My Theresa
Mirrored pumps: Reed Krakoff via netaporter
Lover’s Eye earrings: Tatty Devine
Mirrored sunnies: Ray Ban via Asos

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Check the outfit inspirations per sin in the gallery below:

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