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The Rocky Mountain Soap Company

photo 1Did you know your skin can absorb between 21 and 94% of what’s put on it? That makes you think twice about what products you use … doesn’t it?

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, the Rocky Mountain Soap Company is a 100% natural label which makes bath and body products – from soap and body butter to bath salts and skin 2

The company was founded by husband and wife Cam Baty and Karina Birch, who are passionate about making products without harmful ingredients and chemicals.

“The average female uses 12 personal care products a day and exposes themselves to a cocktail of synthetic chemicals,” they say. “Since the skin has the ability to absorb, and body tissue has the ability to store, chemicals can add up.”

As a Canadian, I’m proud to support this fantastic brand – and that’s easy to do, because their products are utterly addictive. Their flavours are out-of-this-world awesome (think coconut vanilla body wash, avocado facial soap, and blood orange sugar body scrub).

Rocky Mountain Soap Company proves you don’t need fancy unpronounceable ingredients to deliver great results. Sugar grains of apricot can be used to scrub away dead skin, or honey can used to moisturize dry skin.

Switching to natural cosmetics is a great step towards living a greener lifestyle. Get on board today – RMSC has international shipping!

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz


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