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Tasty Tuesday: Antoine Peters X Bombay Sapphire

IMAGIN_AntoinePetersxBombaySapphireThis weekend a very particular cocktail was launched at the IMAGIN pop-up gallery in the upstairs bar of Rose’s Cantina. Fashion designer Antoine Peters teamed up with Bombay Sapphire to create his signature cocktail: ‘Contagious Smile.’

Antoine’s creation goes a little beyond being an average cocktail…it is more of an experience carried out on the glass and napkin as well. For this G&T concoction he got help from a pro, mixologist Jarl de Vries aka Cocktail Professor, resulting in a surprising blend which consists of: apple, lime, homemade sichuan botton syrup, ground white pepper, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Fever Tree tonic. A lip stain on each glass was made with a mix of cayenne pepper, rose syrup and ground sichuan.


The tingling and slightly numbing mouthfeel after taking a sip is caused by the sichuan pepper in combination with the bubbles in the tonic, same as with the lip stain on the glass. The idea is to then take the napkin with Antoine Peters’ signature print -sprayed with elderflower extract- and stylishly dab the mouth.

Are you curious about Antoine Peters’ cocktail or the other ‘creative juices’ (from DJ Géza Weisz, fragrance designer Allessandro Gaultieri, culinary author Yvette van Boven and artist Mick Johan) available at the IMAGIN gallery? The project lasts until the end of this month and you can check the day-to-day programme on their Facebookpage.

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