South Korean Beauty Rituals

photo 5A girlfriend just arrived back from a trip to South Korea, and I was elated that she brought back a slew of skincare samples for me to test.

South Korean women are known for taking incredible care of their skin to keep it flawless, and the country produces fantastic products to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Did you know that Koreans invented (and perfected) the BB cream, which is now a global phenomenon?

Celebrities only further bolster the phenomenon … when actresses and K-Pop singers reveal what products they use, they’ll sell out 4

Korean products use ingredients I’m not accustomed to seeing on labels, like cotton, hydrolysed elastic, rice and pearl extract. They also have a popular ‘bubble pads,’ which are like cotton pads pre-soaked in special creams and ready for one-time use on the face.

There are now entire websites dedicated to offering Korean products to women around the world. Check out to see some of what’s available.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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