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Etat Pur Resveratrol Serum

photo 1If your skin is starting to show signs of tiredness and ageing, then Etat Pur has just the product for you.

The French skincare line has introduced its new Resveratrol formula – a serum that works to reduce deep lines and wrinkles.

photo 2

The key ingredient, Resveratrol, is an anti-ageing molecule which works to boost life back into cells.

The serum is a chestnut colour, and the bottle is a dark tone to conserve the active ingredients. While I was at first worried about smearing a brown serum on my face, it absorbed quickly and didn’t leave a trace of colour – plus, all you need is about four drops.

When used twice a day for at least two months, the serum will have effects on deep wrinkles. The Reservatrol protects the skin from free radical damage and increases cell lifespan.

Actif Pur retails for about €26.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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