Centella Asiatica by Etat Pur

A94-CENTELLA-ASIATICA-100MLEtat Pur’s latest discovery is made with extracts of centella asiatica – a plant whose extract can work to regenerate, brighten, protect, restructure, strengthen and repair skin. Talk about a wonder plant!

The Etat Pur Centella Asiatica cream penetrates deep into skin to increase firmness, reduce wrinkles, refine your complexion, activate cell renewal and stimulate collagen synthesis.Cetella asiatica (2)

Centella asiatica – which dates back 3,000 years – can be found in India, China, Indonesia, South Africa and Madagascar. It’s used in Ayuervedic and Chinese medicine for its amazing qualities, including ability to relieve pain.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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