Wednesday Wear-Abouts



Wearing shorts doesn’t seem to max up my tan yet, but oh well, I just love denim shorts in summer. Paired with a plain black tee, this is one of my basic rock chick looks. Er..or ‘all-black-everything’ look.

After working long days inside, the only way to gain some color and my dose of vitamin D is to go out in the sun, and luckily my friends like to hang out in the park (read: my backyard) with chilled drinks.wwa_juli_ka3

What I am wearing today:
Black unisex T-shirt: Tees
Black washed denim shorts with stud detailing: Bershka (these are oldies)
Shoes: Converse OX
Bracelets: H&M, Project Suitcase, Lucie’s, Espaço B (Lisbon)
Necklaces: Project Suitcase, Rika, Nadine Calor
Shades: Ray-Ban wayfarer

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wwa_juli_ka4 wwa_juli_ka6 wwa_juli_ka2

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