Chanel’s Lush Summer Lips



Fruity shades are key for a Summer beauty look. Meet my new faves: the Reflets d’Été lipgloss from Chanel.

They are not as neon on the lips as they look in the tube, but the glosses have a sizzling glaze, enhancing your holiday tan.

I alternate the three shades ‘HELLO’, ‘SEXY’, and ‘HAPPY’, and tag along one in my bag all the time for an instant fix. Easy to apply, not so sticky, and redefining the lip’s shape with subtility.

The Reflets d’Été lipglosses come in 5 shades in total. There’s also a milky lilac shade ‘GLAZE’ and an ultraglossy orange ‘SUNNY’. Available at selected Chanel retailers for €27,50.



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