Wednesday Wannahave: Spin that record!

Crosley-sfeerBlame it on being from a different generation (even if I sometimes forget I am), but there was always something charming about the good ol’ record players. I remember I could sit for hours with my dad on the floor when I was little, going through his vinyl collection.

Nothing wrong with technology and being able to carry along our music everywhere we go, but when I reacquainted with a classic turntable -and a fab collection of vinyls- at an Airbnb apartment I’ve stayed, I knew I wanted one in my living room as well.

Old records look so damn cool! They are real works of art. And I like the slightly cracking noise when putting the needle on the vinyl. Call it nostalgia, but I think there’s a reason why a lot of DJ’s and musicians fall back to oldskool vinyl records too.

My dad has kept his record player, and I thought about dusting it off and taking it with me. But now I’ve stumbled upon a portable record player from Crosley. It looks vintage, but it is equipped with modern technology. The record players are available in a range of colors, but I have a preference for the Crosley Executive USB in a wood/leather combination, as it also has the USB connection to digitalise old records. Plus, it’s not expensive for an electronic product slash cool interior accessory; starting from €119.


Now I guess I’ll just have to dust off dad’s old records…

Find all the Crosley record players on

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