Wednesday Wannahave: BOSE SoundTrue headphones

Bose_5If you are a music addict like I am (I can not even work in silence), a good set of headphones is key. I own three pair now, from which the latest addition are the BOSE SoundTrue headphones.

Each new pair is subjected to some criteria though, and that has not so much to do with fashionability. The sound and comfort level are most important. My preference is for lightweight headphones, and around-ear style as it adds to both the sound and the comfort. When I am wearing headphones I want to forget they’re on my head and lose myself in the music as it was a bubble.

The BOSE SoundTrue headphones have a softly padded headband and memory foam ear cushions to stay comfortable no matter how long your playlist is, but above all, they feature an advanced acoustic design for clear, natural audio across the full spectrum—from vocalists who hit the high note, right down to a good bass line groove.

And now some more about the ‘looks’: the around-ear style come in four colors -black, white, mint and black/mint- but I chose the simple black ones. Suits most outfits, and my other headphones are white and blue, so black was actually missing.
The audio cable attaches to a single earcup for greater freedom of movement and less tangling, which is very convenient. The earcups conveniently fold flat and the headband is collapsible.Bose_3

They come in a carrying case in the color matching your choice of headphones. Specifically for use with iPhone® and other Apple® products, the integrated online remote lets you control all music functions with flexibility.

I’ve been using the headphones for over a week know and I am very happy with the sound quality and functional design, so there is just one thing left to say…#ListenForYourself
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