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Under the Tuscan Sun: Day 2

Bucketlist-items. I guess we all have them. They’re not always within reach, but sometimes they present themselves on a silver platter. As was the case with the Vespa-tour through the glooming Tuscan hills.

The sun was out, so the conditions were promising. Our starting point was in the middle of nowhere -which our driver even had trouble finding- but then an old barn and some shiny Vespas appeared!

First we had to do some exercise because not all of us were experienced moped/scooter drivers (cue: I wasn’t but thought that having my driver’s license for many years would be helpful…) and we wouldn’t be driving the actual Vespas because these are too valuable in case of calamities. Though that didn’t stop me from striking a pose on this red beauty.

Once we were cruising around the amazing surroundings and finally at ease on the vehicle, I slipped and fell…in the verge of the road. A few bruises and scratches (a bigger one on the elbow) as a result, but still standing, I decided to go back up and continue the tour. But do be careful on those things!

Our first stop was at Castello Vicchiomaggio, a splendid castle and wine estate (ranked amongst Italy’s top wine producers) located in the Chianti Classico region. The castle has a long history and welcomed some prominent artists; Leonardo Da Vinci stayed here while working on his masterpiece the ‘Mona Lisa’.

Now the estate has transformed in a luxe accommodation which includes the possibility to host weddings. I’ll keep that in mind as an Italian wedding is still part of a dream scenario…

We continued our itinerary to the next stop, another known wine estate –Ruffino Poggio Casciano– where an array of wines (and even olive oil) is produced. We took a look in the cellars and tasted their showpieces; a Modus (estate wine) and a Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico DOCG (Tuscan red). Two very different flavours, and it is obvious that preferences depend on personal taste. The Modus is a heavy, full-bodied red wine and a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, while the Riserva Ducale Chianti DOCG is lighter and fruitier.

In true Italian style, we concluded the tour with a rustic Tuscan lunch. Just in time! A thunderstorm bursted, and the last km’s on the scooter back to the Florencetown barn were tricky but we made it! (Totally drenched…I could wring the water out of my jumpsuit).

The rest of the afternoon we had time off to relax, yet due to the ongoing rain no poolside chilling unfortunately, but a power nap instead.

After a tasty BBQ on the Fattoria premises we settled in front of the flatscreen to enjoy the first World Cup game of our national team. That night I slept like a baby (even forgetting my bruises and scratches) as we won from Spain with 5-1! Yayyy!

Stay tuned for Day 3 Under The Tuscan Sun. Want to enjoy a similar trip? Check our previous post about JUST AWAY for your next getaway.

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