Thursday Treat: Breakfast & Brunch @ The Independente | The Decadente



A hotel’s quality can very well be judged by the breakfast it serves. Be it in the variety it proposes, or the freshness and taste of the products. We also very much appreciate it when there are local specialties available.

The breakfast at The Independente Hostel & Suites ticks all the boxes. Add the friendly lady from the staff and the possibility to enjoy breakfast on the roof terrace with a stunning view of Lisbon  and we’re happy campers.

The breakfast consisted of some basic ingredients; (mini) croissants, crispy bread, fresh fruit (pineapple and watermelon), yoghurt & cereals, fruit juices, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, and the standard slices of prepackaged cheese and ham, but with additional Portuguese cheese, some pastries (except for the pasteis de nata), and a delicious cava.  The sweet lady directly asked if we wished for eggs in any kind. While traveling I crave for scrambled eggs in the morning, so ‘yes, please!’. 5 minutes later they were served, and I topped them off with the marinated tomatoes, bacon and mushrooms. A green tea with mint and a taste of the pastry afterwards made it a good start of the day.



So far for the breakfast. The Independente has its own trendy restaurant, The Decadente where (non)guests can also have dinner or brunch on Sundays.
Since we came rollling out of a club early in the morning, we didn’t make it for breakfast the second day. Fortunately it was Sunday, and brunch sounded really appealing considering our hangover and lack of sleep.

The brunch concept at The Decadente is two-fold; you can take anything from the buffet -soup, bread, tortilla, pasta salad, yoghurt, cereals, pastries, homemade ice tea etc.-, and in addition you order one of the dishes on the menu consisting of: salmon tartare, grilled eggplant, tomato from the oven, green salad and a poached egg, or sausage, bacon, baked potatoes, a poached egg and a pancake.

Independente_breakfast3 Decadente_brunch1 Decadente_brunch2 Decadente_brunch3 Decadente_brunch6

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