The Fashion Eye: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction



Here’s a new fashion editorial from talented photographer Laura Andalou. Just imagine the Rolling Stones’ song ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ on the background. Read more about the idea behind the shoot:

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in vain and wealth in the city, he had everything he wanted and needed. His world revolved around success, money and possessions. But he missed something, something true and pure which he was not able to find in his world. He decided to go back to nature and back to basics, because the world of commercialization and outer appearance no longer satisfied him. He traveled for miles and miles and his luxury slowly started to wear off. He found peace within himself.


Photography Laura Andalou
Styling Fleur Feringa
ass. Styling Bara Vacha
MUA/Hair Thoke Delorge

Model Simon @ Rocket Garage
Clothing: Vijzel Vintage, Scapa, Drykorn, Calvin Klein, Hackett London, Fratelli Rossetti, Michael Kors.
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