Thursday Treat: Camera & Cucina


Camera & Cucina is one of the hotspots we’ve visited during our Amalfi-coast trip with Villa Massa. The copious and delicious lunch made this one to remember…



Just before taking the ferry to Capri we settled in this venue which is also a bar and a photo gallery with works of international artists. The night before we had Sofia Loren watching over our table, but at this restaurant it was a whole range of beautiful women; from Brigitte Bardot to Angelina Jolie.

Camera & Cucina’s philosophy behind the combination of food and photography is as follows: “We believe that what we look at is important as much as what we eat. It is not only a matter of taste but of quality, too.”
Let’s not forget to mention the immense garden and lounge bar where the Sorrentine can enjoy the aperitivo amidst the

Sorrento being in the Naples surroundings made our ‘quest for the best pizza-alarm’ ring. This was our chance to taste some proper pizza with that typical thin crust and toppings of regional and seasonal products. Don’t expect a menu here, because as they say at Camera & Cucina: “We don’t choose what to cook; it’s what to cook that chooses us.” With vegetables grown in their backyard, fish caught in the nearby sea and all the additional groceries from local suppliers, what you’ll find on your plate is a daily fresh and pleasant surprise.

Aside from the pizza we had antipasti, a plate of local cheese including the classic Caprese Salad, melanzane alla parmigiana and a dessert of puff pastry with limoncello cream and glaze, topped with the cutest wild (and amazingly tasty) strawberry.

Concluding our lunch with an organic green tea, we were ready to climb the Capri hills.

Camera & Cucina
Via Correale 19, Sorrento




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