Tasty Tuesday: The making of Villa Massa Limoncello

VillaMassa_Sorrento4When familiar with the Southern Italian culture, one also knows that a copious dinner is not completed without a glass of Limoncello.

Usually homemade and brewed according traditional family recipe. But, if you don’t have that at hand because you’ve cooked your own Italian meal in your tiny apartment in rainy Amsterdam, bring the refreshing summery taste of limoncello to the table with Villa Massa limoncello.

Villa Massa comes nearest to homemade produce, as it only contains natural ingredients (no preservatives, colourings or flavourings) and it’s made with the best lemons in the Sorrento region. Original limoncello should not contain more than four ingredients: essential oils extracted from (Sorrento) lemon peels infused in alcohol, water and sugar.


The month of May is when the production of limoncello officially starts, and the lemons are at their best. Don’t mistake a Sorrento lemon for those you find at your grocery store, as these lemons can weigh up to 300 grams ! (an average lemon weighs no more than 160 g) and the ones with the most bobbly skin deliver a higher quantity of essential oils. They even taste less acid.

We’ve visited the Villa Massa property -where we got to make our own limoncello- and the plant where machines are only in use to optimize production speed such as for the peeling of the lemons -2.500 kg of lemons need to be peeled daily- the maceration of the peels and essential oils with the alcohol, the bottling, the labeling and packaging. Also at the plant is the labaratory to perform quality tests to ensure equal quality of each supply  of Villa Massa Limoncello.

Watch the short videos below:

Not only have we seen how this quality product is made, we have tasted the other liquors produced by Villa Massa; Liquor di Arance (orange), Liquore di Mandarini (tangerine) and Liquore di Noci (walnuts) -these are solely made of fruits cultivated in the Sorrentine peninsula- and we’ve enjoyed amazing food, either prepared or accompanied by this versatile liquor.

More information on Villa Massa products can be found on www.villamassa.com

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Please note that we do not promote the abuse of alcohol. The above described products should be consumed with moderation.



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