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Tasty Tuesday: Fast & Fresh @ Vapiano



Italian food is very well suited to quickly create a complete meal. A concept picked up by Vapiano almost 12 years ago.

With 120 venues, in 26 countries, on 4 continents, the franchise concept proves itself successful. The large amount of guests the Vapiano restaurants deal with daily, doesn’t affect the quality of the food they serve.
My first experience at a Vapiano venue was with an Italian friend, who claimed it was a fast-food like concept, but actually serving fresh food. The pasta’s and pizza’s are made in front of you, and that means a lot for an Italian.

After that I’ve visited Vapiano again for a quick bite with my dad, and he has even become a Vapiano-enthusiast. He is on the road a lot and it’s better for his health to eat a fresh pasta or salad instead of fried food.



To have restaurants this size, it takes a smart logistic plan to make everything run smoothly for the guests, so there’s a whole system for that:
1. You come in and receive a pass + beeper from the host. The pass is where your orders are registered on, and the beeper is to warn you when your food is ready.
2. You find yourself a cosy place to sit
3. You decide if you want pasta or pizza and walk over to the counter for the dish of your choice
4. The beeper lights up when the food is ready. You can now sit back, relax and enjoy your food.
5. If there is still room for ‘dolci’ there is a separate counter where you can order, but you can also have a coffee which is made by a professional barrista.


Last Saturday we had a more elaborate introduction of the Vapiano concept, in line with their 24-freshness campaign. We took a look at the Pasta Manufactura where the fresh pasta is daily made, entered the refrigerated area to see the storage of the fresh ingredients, and we got to stand behind the food counter to make our own pasta. And eat it afterwards.

Our after lunch treat was to learn how to make figures in the cappuccino foam, and we concluded with a dolci of course.


Find more info and where to find a Vapiano restaurant in your country or city here.

Images © Geert Broertjes

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