Storie di Stile inspired by Peroni

Storiedistile_moodThis summer, 10 bloggers/influencers will visit 10 Italian cities in order to gather 100 Italian Style Stories evolving around food, fashion, design and entertainment: the ‘Storie di Stile‘. 

Italy, a country known for its sense of aesthetics; wether it is Napolitean tailoring or Da Vinci’s art. As we also love everything exuding style and good taste -and always on the lookout for uniqueness and authenticity- this project has our name written all over it.


All 10 ‘Storie di Stile‘-explorers are assigned to a different city in Italy so each region can be covered. From Sicily to Lombardy, we aim to gather the ‘Best in Style’ of what Italy has to offer. The Digitalistas will be visiting Catania in Sicily, and we hope to eat a lot of cannoli’s! (in between exploring that is…) Nah, just kidding. Although we will definitely try the local pastry, we’re very curious about the area. Catania is a university city which means there is a young community, and that mixed with some true historic Sicilian landmarks is what attracts us.

Stay tuned for more in the following weeks, as we are second in line of all 10 explorers -our trip is from June 4 to 6- and make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you have any tips/must-see’s for Catania please feel free to leave these in the comments below.

In the meantime, find the trailer of the Storie di Stile project below:

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