Moroccanoil Styling Products

photo 1Summertime can take a toll on hair – heat, humidity, sun and sea can combine to make hair more unmanageable than normal. Luckily Moroccanoil is here to help!

The Volumizing Mousse is a lightweight product that ensures humidity won’t leave your hair looking limp. It builds body and gives hair a flexible hold, so your hair can still move and breathe. Best of all, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue or grease on your locks.

The Heat Styling Protection is my go-to guru product, since I expose my hair to plenty of heat with blowdryers and curling irons. The Heat Styling Protection coats hair to ensure extreme heat doesn’t cause breakage or damage. It also leaves hair with a glossy finish and protects color fading. Win-win!

Moroccanoil products are available in select salons.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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