Jardin Majorelle | The Blue Mirage

laura_andalou_the digitalistas1Just outside the old town of Marrakech, lies the botanical garden called Jardin Majorelle. Being not that far away from the Sahara dessert, you might think it’s a mirage. 

Because, from the moment you enter the garden, you will leave the hectic city behind you and will disappear in the wonders of the blue and yellow architecture, surrounded by palm trees, cactuses and brightly colored flowers.

laura_andalou_the digitalistas2

Not quite the surprise that Algerian/French fashion designer (and legend) Yves Saint Laurent lived here for many years with his Pierre, using the garden as an inspiration for many of his creations. Although he passed away in 2008, the garden is still filled with his spirit, with a memorial in his honor and a room filled with YSL art (and his ashes were spread over the rose garden).

In case you think this wasn’t all dreamy enough, you will also find a small museum about the Berber culture, with most beautiful of all: the jewelry. Unfortunately it wasn’t allowed to photograph inside the museum, so… I guess that leaves you just one option: you’ll have to go and see for yourself.

Text: Laura Andalou

All images © Laura Andalou

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