Best Budget Buy: Baggy Jungle Print Trousers



When you have a job where it’s not required to dress too formal, it can still be a challenge what to wear on warm Summer days. Since a few seasons we’ve discovered the baggy printed trousers.

First of all, they have a comfortable fit with an adjustable drawstring in the waist.  Usually made from lightweight fabrics, they are breezy and easy and come in a variety of colors and prints. For coming season we’re looking for additions to our range and don’t mind opting for a bolder version like this one in a terracotta hue and statement palmtree print.

Sporting the festival style you can wear them with a crochet top or a sheer sleeveless black blouse. The trousers have elastics at the bottom of the legs which you could tuck in the ankle straps of a pair of sandals for a playful effect.


An other idea for a look is to wear the baggy jungle print trousers with a cropped top and sturdy flat platform sandals.

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