Lancôme Lip Lover: Best of both worlds


When Karine told me she had a new lipstick for me, I was pretty excited, as you’d expect from a lipstick fan. She gave me the product and I reacted like a spoiled girl: ‘meh, this is a lipgloss..’. ‘No’ Karine said, ‘it’s a lipstick’. We couldn’t agree whether it was a lipgloss or lipstick. So we had to define the most important characteristics of both the lipstick and the lipgloss. And of course, we had to try the product itself.

We are talking about the Lip Lover by Lancôme, which Lancôme launched at the beginning of April.  This lip product scores on both gloss, colour and care. For me, the most important characteristics of a lipstick are cover and hydration. Well, this product has both. But shine is the most important factor of a lipgloss, which also suits this product. In conclusion, it really has best of both worlds.


But for me there is one disadvantage, which is probably because I’m a lipstick girl and not used to the texture of such a product. On the contrary to what other reviews are saying, this product feels kind of sticky on your lips, like you just ate a very sweet candy bar. But hey, you do look pretty wearing it, so who cares.

The colour I’ve tried is the subtle 338 – Rose des Cynges, part of the Basic-Chic line together with seven other colours. Lancôme also launched the Lip Lover Creative-Chic with more distinctive colours like orange and fuchsia. Wether lipstick fan or lipgloss lover, from bright colours to soft nudes, Lancôme Lip Lover is here for everyone who wants to have beautiful, seductive lips.

Text: Sacha de Vries



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